A. A. Allen

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    A. A. Allen (1910-1970) was an American Pentecostal minister and faith healer. Born in Arkansas, Allen began preaching in the 1930s and quickly gained a reputation for his powerful preaching and dramatic healings. He became a leading figure in the healing revival movement, which emphasized the power of God to heal physical and spiritual afflictions. Allen founded the Miracle Valley Bible College and established a ministry that reached a national and international audience through his revival meetings, TV and radio broadcasts, record label, as well as 63 million publications per year.

    ‘God’s Man of Faith & Power’. Famous revivalist of the 1950s–1960s. His monthly ‘Miracle Magazine’ had an international and bi-lingual circulation of 340,000 by 1969. His ministry was known for countless creative miracles, signs, wonders, deliverance, and healing. He also influentially helped pioneer the move to break segregation of races in America.