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Our new website has launched to bring everything you love about Revival History from the comfort of your home. This is just the beginning!

Meet the founders

We are Dan & Rebekah Jones. Since 2008 we've been creating and digitizing products which help people learn from revival and revivalists throughout history.

Dan is a website optimisation specialist. He was dramatically saved at age 18 and swiftly turned his passion into advancing God’s Kingdom. He has a call to empower people in evangelism and healing while they radically pursue sustainable revival.

Rebekah is a 5th generation minister. Her great-grandpa was evangelist A. A. Allen. She has been a prolific author and teacher for 25+ years, empowering people worldwide with creative, practical and Biblical instruction. She passionately preserves history and empowers Christians to encounter Jesus, so they may spread His power and love with authenticity. Rebekah is also the president of the non-profit, Miracle Valley Oasis Center. Learn more:

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