Wigglesworth And The Word Of God

by Daniel Jones

An excerpt from:

Smith Wigglesworth, The Secret Of His Power
by Albert Hibbert, page 22-23.

Wigglesworth never went more than fifteen minutes without reading the Word of God, regardless of where he was or in whose company he found himself. During the meals we shared together, eating and speaking of God’s Word were interspersed. Wigglesworth would say grace, which was more than a mere sentence, or sometimes, in his cracked voice, he would sing a song of praise. After this, we would have the first course. Then he would read and pray. Following that we would eat the next course. Afterwards, regardless of whether or not it was the last course, he would again read and pray. That was how he lived; his life was not one of monotonous repetition.

One of my brothers became especially aware of Wigglesworth’s love for the Word of God on one particular occasion after Wigglesworth had been staying with our family.  My brother was taking him to the next place where he was to minister. They had been on the journey for about ten minutes conversing about current events when suddenly Wigglesworth shouted, “Stop!” My brother stopped the vehicle immediately, thinking that something was wrong. But Wigglesworth bowed his head and prayed, “Lord, I am sorry. We have talked about everything but Thee and Thy Word, and the souls of men. Please forgive us.” Then turning to my brother, he said, “You can go now.” The conversation was changed for the rest of the journey.

Someone once asked Wigglesworth if he could recommend a good book on divine healing. He answered, “Yes, there is only one textbook on that subject: the Word of God.”