Smith Wigglesworth – “That You May Marvel”

by Daniel Jones

An excerpt from: Smith Wigglesworth, The Secret Of His Power

by Albert Hibbert, page 33-34

While staying in the home of a curate of the local Church of England, [Wigglesworth] and the curate were sitting together talking after supper. No doubt the subject of their conversation was that the poor fellow had no legs. Artificial limbs in those days were unlike the sophisticated limbs of today.

Wigglesworth said to the man quite suddenly (which he often did when ministering in cases like this), ‘Go and get a pair of new shoes in the morning.’

The poor fellow thought it was some kind of joke. However, after Wigglesworth and the curate had retired to their respective rooms for the night, God said to the curate, ‘Do as My servant hath said.’ What a designation for any person–My servant! God was identifying Himself with Wigglesworth.

There was no more sleep for the man that night. He rose up early, went downtown, and stood waiting for the shoe shop to open. The manager eventually arrived and opened the shop for business. The curate when in and sat down.

Presently and assistant came and said, ‘Good morning, sir. Can I help you?’

The man said, ‘Yes, would you get me a pair of shoes, please?’

‘Yes, sir. Size and color?’

‘The man hesitated. The assistant then saw his condition and said, ‘Sorry, sir. We can’t help you.’

‘Its all right, young man. But I do want a pair of shoes. Size 8, color black.’

The assistant went to get the requested shoes. A few minutes later he returned and handed them to the man. The man put one stump into a shoe, and instantly a foot and leg formed! Then the same thing happened with the other leg! He walked out of that shop, not only with a new pair of shoes, but also with a new pair of legs!

Wigglesworth was not surprised. He had expected the result. He often made remarks like this: ‘As far as God is concerned, there is no difference between forming a limb and healing a broken bone.’