John G Lake – Womans Tumor Disappears

by Daniel Jones

Excerpt from:
John G Lake, The Complete Collection Of His Life Teachings
Spoken November 26, 1916
Pg 324 – 325

It is almost a sadness to my soul that men should be astonished and surprised at an ordinary tangible evidence of the power of God. A woman came into the healing rooms on Thursday afternoon with a tumor larger than a full-grown, unborn child, and her physicians and nurse had been fooled, believing it to be such, until nature’s period had passed. Then they decided it must be something else.

She came to the healing rooms and I interviewed her. She said, “Mr. Lake, I have the opinion of several physicians. They are all different, but each have said, ‘It is possible it may be a child,’ but now the time has passed, and they do not know what to say.”

I put my hand upon her for a moment, and I said, “Madam, it is not a child, it is a tumor.” She sat down and wept. Her nurse was with her. Her soul was troubled and she did not receive healing.

She came back on Thursday afternoon for prayer and went away like the rest. But she returned on Friday with her corsets on. She said, “I came to show you that I am perfectly normal. When I retired last night at ten o’clock there was no evidence that anything had taken place. Beyond that I felt comfortable and the choking was gone. But when I awoke this morning I was my normal size.”

I said, “Did it disappear in the form of a fluid?”

She said, “There was not an outward sign of any character.”

Beloved, what happened to it? It dematerialized, did it not? There was nothing else. The tumor dissolved. It was evaporated, taken out of the system, and was gone in a single night.

I called a friend on the telephone to tell him about it. Another friend was present in the room and while he still held the receiver in his hand he turned to his friend and told him about it, and the friend said, “My good God, man, that would be a miracle!”

What is a miracle? It is the tangible evidence of the supreme control of the Spirit of God over every character and form of materiality. The tumor disappeared. It was gone. Why? Because the living Spirit of God entered it and by the power and working of God the woman returned to her normal condition. Blessed be His name….

…I talked with the husband of the lady, one of the most profane men I have most ever known until Friday morning. He said to me, “Mr. Lake, when I got up on Friday morning and saw my wife I said, ‘I will never again take that name upon my lips in vain.'” And he has walked softly, and a new light is shining in his soul and a new presence has made itself evident to that man.